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‘True Love’ is like a UFO sighting!

                Love is in the air . It’s that time of the year when you have lots of time to dream, fantasize. Images that represent Love, like red roses, hearts, teddy bears, couple kissing, holding hands, getting abortions, etc. In short exams are over.
                They say that ‘love is in the air’. But every time I inhale, all I get are suspended particles that get into my lungs and damage my system. But then again since that’s what Love does to most people I guess they are right. Love is in the air, just that we call it pollution!
               Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not trying to be a love-cynic. I honestly do believe in the power of true love. I believe that true love can do anything, it can cure cancer, or aids, or even Sunny leone’s IQ.
               But very sadly this ‘True love’ is like a UFO sighting, all we have are photos and no concrete evidence that they actually exist. But since we live in a country that upholds faith the most, right after corruption. We are always bound to believe in this thing called Love.
               I mean seriously, Hasn’t it ever occurred to you guys that almost all the love stories are completely over-hyped?
                Like that one story between a two stupid teenagers that only lasted for a few days but had many people killed including themselves? that one is called Romeo and Juliet.
               Or the one with that really old man who likes watching women sleeping? its Twilight.
               And my most fave one, the guy who ties women up and smacks them with leather equipments for his pleasure… 50 shades of grey.
               Now that you have considered this, you must have realized that Love Stories are often over-hyped and don’t really live up to the expectations, just like any SRK movie.
                I hope you finally understand how pathetic this falling in love thing actually is. I guess there probably is a thing called ‘true love’ out there, but you’ll have better luck in your search for the Bigfoot or the Lochness monster.
               Of course, right now you think I’m being a pessimist. That I’m just incapable of understanding the ‘love’ that all of you know. I guess you are right, maybe I don’t know a thing about Love. Perhaps I’m unable to grasp the fun quotient of the concept of having my heart handed out to someone and letting them dance on it with pointed heels, I don’t know.
                But what I do know, and I honestly believe in is that, “Life is like an endless Himesh Reshammiya movie, it’s painful to watch as every second unfolds, the only way you are going to enjoy it is if you have an awesome partner that will wait with you throughout the entire movie”. So the both of you can make jokes, sing those bizzare songs, and enjoy that movie in each other’s company.
                If you have found someone you can enjoy every single moment of your life with, someone who you can share stupid stuff with, someone you can always laugh with, someone who you can’t live without and someone who can’t live without you, I guess you have found something really close to true love.
               To all those who have found such a partner, congratulations!
               And if you haven’t found your love yet then I suggest you to please make some popcorn for yourself, because this Himesh Reshammiya movie is going to be really, really long.
-Aaditya Ingale

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