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Trinity, DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai, Feb 27 -Mar 1

DJ Sanghvi college of engineering, Mumbai presents Trinity, a concoction of technology, culture and sports. In its first year, with its unique events, avant-garde competitions and performances, Trinity is all set to provide a memorable experience. So come and be part of the revelry.
Here are the highlights of Trinity;
Flex,mascot, tshirt unveiling: 
Good at creativity? Good technical knowledge?  Good at designing? Then this was the place for you. The Mascot and Flex Unveiling was the perfect platform to illustrate what your department is all about and what it strives for with a mascot, a flex and a t-shirt. Packed with nach, gana, masti and Bollywood ishtyle dhamakas this event was the first mega-event of Trinity’14 marking the beginning of the inter-department rivalry.
The annual inter department debate competition of DJ Sanghvi College will be held on
28th January. Participation of 14 students from 7 departments, and is
divided into 2 rounds. Topics ranged from the violation of privacy by CCTV’s to whether abortion is ethical. The level of debate was commendable, with both sides being well argued by the participants. The tricky task of concisely putting forth their views on an issue in a limited time span was well adhered to, and it was indeed a stimulating evening of debating.
I.C Engine CAR racing; 8th Feb,2014
The mean machine challenge was a splendid competition. DJ Trinity’s IC engine car race saw some of the best teams compete from all over India . The challenging tracks took a test of the teams’ drivers. It was a great experience for the students. The thundering sound of the engines made the JNS ground look lively. The split second finishes were so fascinating that it made the crowd go crazy shouting in frenzy!
Marathon: During the early hours of 9th February 2014, the Trinity team flagged off the college’s annual grand event: the Marathon. The Miles With Meaning Marathon, organized as a social cause under Trinity, which saw a massive participation from age groups ranging from college students to senior citizens. Every participant completed the marathon unflinchingly, marking the success of the event. All the winners were lauded with a medal and a certificate by the head of Indian Development Foundations group, Mr. Narayan Iyer.
Street play: 
Blinded by this urban rush, we seldom spare a moment to pause and ponder about what really matters. Quality of life has skyrocketed, yet we don’t have the time to live. Amidst this turmoil and confusion, few illustrious students of Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering have stepped up to draw our attention to the matters that are basic and meagre yet crucial and overlooked; issues that demand our attention.
Using street play as their mode of expression, these social engineers managed to effectively convey their messages on social topics and challenges to Education in India; in an enjoyable yet effective manner. Seven such street plays were conducted ranging from topics as varied as “Technology and Education” and “Quality of Life and Education” to “Crime and Education”.
The general Manger of Hitachi India,  Mr. Masayoshi Tamura delivered a session on economic technology to the students of DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering. He commenced his session by pointing out the differences in the modus operandi of India and Japan. The primary objective was to encourage the youth of India to arise with solutions for better and cost effective technologies. The instructive session was concluded by an ephemerally interactive session between the students and Mr. Tamura.
Inter Department Dance:  Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment!
Inter-department dance, the biggest and most anticipated fête, marked the pre finale event of the Inter department war. Every department showcased unbelievable talent, dancing it out to the tune of victory. Themes varying from Zombie to A Tribute to Govinda, made it extremely difficult for the judges and a thorough enjoyment for the audience. It had the audience grooving to the beats till the very end and was graced by Karan Oberoi (Band of Boys fame), Karan Sharma (acted in Baa, Bahu aur Baby, Pavitra Rishta and most recently Ekk Nayi Pehchaan), Madhura Naik (starred in Pyaar ki Ye Ekk Kahani) among others.
If perfection and thrill is what appeals to you , a series of unrelated compositions and arrangements makes you curious and awestruck, then hold your breath everyone! Its “CONTRAPTION” coming up with a collection of mindboggling combinations and outputs of a seemingly pleasant  ,weird & brainteasing mix and matches truly depicting the beauty of engineering.
After engineering students come up with new ideas, there has to be a platform aiding the creation of useful reports and theories that can be clearly understood by readers. Enter TPP! With a vision of enlightening the students about technical paper presentation, the trinity commitee came up with an idea of conducting a seminar on TPP On 29th January 2014. Our respected principal, Dr. Hari Vasudevan was the speaker for this event! He said “Technical papers not only strenghten your résumé but also give you an opportunity to present your idea to the world through the national and international conferences. These paper presentations are expected to be technically correct with the clearity and a proper gesticulation of the same.”
He spoke about the evaluation process where an esteemed panel of judges make a thorough search for the diamond in the rough, where the paper undergoes a couple of checks before selection. “TECHNOFOCUS i.e the college technical magazine aims at encouraging students to build up a good technical base”, he added.
It was a sublime learning experience and has surely resulted in a boom in participation.
Piano Step
Ever seen a college canteen playing piano? It’s the piano step which is playing the lilting compostitions of our students’ creativity out of Aluminium and cardboard. They have successfully added the tinge of music to our chaotic canteen, yes that’s the Piano step. Bajate raho!!!
Online quizzes
Being an engineering college, D.J. Sanghvi, has always strived to keep up the pace with technology, and this year the annual college festival Trinity organised 2 online quizzes on its dedicated fest website www.djtrinity.in. The themes were Cricket and Sitcoms, which appeal to a large majority of youngsters in India and witnessed a lot of participation. Furthermore, there was a  Twitter contest which asked-What would be the best way to prepare for a marathon? It attracted many unique answers.
Outhouse Treasure Hunt:
Figured out the Bollywood centric clue.Now RUNNNNN like the Chennai Express! Clues that could ‘Black’ you out and tasks with their ‘Side Effects’, ‘Masti’ was on a roll when one of Trinity’s most awaited events : The Outhouse Treasure Hunt this year converted our beloved Essel World into a Bollywood Party! Thundering and Enterprising as it could be, the OTH concluded with everyone having a ‘RockNRollin’ time!
Dj night
If you think the party is over then it’s certainly not, a Dj night to shake your legs and a rock show to head bang along. Trinity-2014 is set to leave you spell bound with it’s sheer grandeur. With celebrity appearances, genres like Bollywood to dub-step, a complete amalgamation of music and entertainment. So let loose and join the party!
DJ’s Got Talent 
DJ’s got Talent is DJ TRINITY’s mega event. The entire competition comprised of three rounds.
             The first round began on 10th february, first act of day 1 of the elimination round being Origami followed by a number of wonderful singing and dancing acts. The audience and judges were awe-struck by a Karate act and a small band of two singers acconpanied by a keyboard player with their amazing performance.
The second day started with a phenomenal beat-boxing performance.
The audience got grooving on an original composition on DJ Sanghvi students.
The most awaited performance of the day was belly dancing. There were two registrations- One of them being a guy. The day had the most glamorous end to it when both of them were brought together for a face-off on the judges’ request.
The elimination round has seen two days of mesmerising acts and DJ’s Got Talent promises us two more days of such similar breathtaking performances before moving on to the final round.
Make sure you come to the finals as they promise to be too good to miss!

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