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Top five little known facts about Verghese Kurien

It is popularly said that Dr. Kurien did not choose the dairy industry, it was the dairy that chose him. AMUL went on to make him one of the world’s best CEOs, and among its earliest Social Entrepreneurs, even before the term was coined. AMUL is a firm that has never been possibly replicated to the scale it has achieved, and the impact it has made.

But there are many things about him that we hardly know. Here are the top five little known facts about the Milkman himself that we were able to uncover for our readers;

1. Milk was never Dr. Kurien’s favorite food, in fact he actually disliked milk to a great extent.

2. Dr. Verghese Kurien belonged to the Syrian Christian community of India. Despite that, he was cremated as per his wishes and not buried.

3. His father was a civil surgeon and he himself had a degree of B.E in mechanical engineering and a M.Sc. degree in Metallurgical Engineering. He had no degree or qualification in either creating or managing cooperatives or in the dairy or food sector.

4.He had married his neighbor’s daughter – Molly, and has a daughter Nirmala and a grandson Siddhartha.

5. Dr. Kurien could not speak Gujarati, was a beef-eating Christian and a bachelor, which are the three reasons why no family in Anand was willing to have him as a paying guest. Due to this, he converted an old garage into his home and lived there for a long time during the time he was developing the AMUL.

– Bhavi Patel

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