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Top five disadvantages of not having a boyfriend

Not having a boyfriends these days is such a taboo, that people believe there has to be something seriously wrong with the girl. People just can’t accept that being single could rock and it is actually the case that you are in a relationship with freedom. But being a single woman can have some disadvantages as well. The top five of them are –

1. Each time you go to a restaurant or you are travelling or anything you are the sole responsible person to be paying the bill and there is nobody to share it with.Or nobody to help you have that delicious hot mocha and sinfully yummy mocktail for free.

2. You have to take extra safety and security precautions. If you have a boyfriend, he will be there to fend for you and and you have the security that no one will mess with you. And you can rest assured that he will keep your purses and bags and keys and all safe. But if you are single, you have to take care of your goods yourself.

3. You have to do everything solo. Be it going out on a holiday, be it doing the homework or completing a project and finishing your assignment, you have to do it all alone. Even if your boyfriend and you don’t study together, you can always have each other for company as you burn the midnight oil to finish off the work. Worse still, you even miss out on the couple discounts that so many packages and companies offer for holidays!

4. Feeling lonely when you need someone the most. Whether you are sick, or you are struggling with some really big problem, or you are having a mass bunk at college and are not going home, the worst part of it is that you feel so lonely no matter how many friends swarm around you. Because the way your boyfriend would understand you is a way in which no other friend could. With a boyfriend, you can always have someone who would be eager to listen.

5. Facing those awkward proposals and having to say NO to them. When you have a boyfriend, any other guy would think twice before asking you out. But when you are single, you have no dearth of guys wanting to go out and at times it gets so idiotic, that you can’t help wonder if the guy who just asked you out had seen his face in the mirror ever! Even people whom you had just thought of as friends, often get down to such lousy proposals that you feel AARRRGGGHHH! Can’t they just let me be. Have a boyfriend, and nobody would do that to you!

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