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gd naidu
gd naidu

Top facts about GD Naidu- the Edison of India.

Gopalswamy Doraiswamy Naidu AKA GD Naidu was one of  India’s great Engineers and Inventors. He could have been the Edison of India for his profound contribution in the field of electrical, mechanical and especially automobile engineering.

Today, March 23 is his birthday.

*He dropped out of his school during is his 4th standard. He bought a British motorcycle after saving money through a waiter’s job in a hotel in Coimbatore. He learnt assembling and dismantling that vehicle and became a mechanic. He started his own transport business. Later in 1937, the first motor produced in India was brought out from GD Naidu’s factory at Coimbatore. He designed India’s first Indigenous motor in 1937 along with D. Balasundaram

*The bus ticket printing machine which we see now was his invention.  He invented ‘Rasant’ razor blades for which he received 3rd prize in an exhibition in 1936 in Leipzig, Germany. It is said that from laying foundation to completion he has built a house in just 8 hours. His agricultural form had been visited by Sir CV Raman and Visvwesvaraya, India’s First engineer.

*With the help of GD Naidu’s efforts and donations India’s first polytechnic college , the Arthur Hope Polytechnic College and the Arthur Hope College of Engineering were set up which were named after the then Madras Governor  Arthur Hope.  It is now known as Government College of Technology.

*He declared that he can teach real time practical oriented engineering in just a single year which the other colleges fail to do in 4 years. He said that he had the ability to produce radio sets at Rs.70 and also two seater petrol engine car at a mere cost of Rs.2000 in the year 1952. Unfortunately the production was dropped due to government’s refusal to grant him the necessary license.

Happy birthday GD Naidu, the pride of Coimbatore.

Twin power bike design from the GD Naidu museum

Twin power bike design from the GD Naidu museum

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