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Top 5: Yummiest trends of 2014

We Indians are known for our epicurean taste buds that simply love devouring good food. We love eating out and the ultimate foodie in us lets us explore varied interesting cuisines and delightful delicacies available in the ever so changing dining experience. The Indian food industry is often at par with the latest trends and fads in food culture. As an eventful 2014 comes to an end, food definitely topped the list of trends that was explored with great interest. HereÔÇÖs a look at what created quite the buzz in food and cuisine for the year 2014.

5. Frozen Yoghurt


With most of India taking the healthy route to stay fit. Frozen Yoghurt definitely makes the list for all the health-conscious foodies out there. Leaving high calorie ice-creams and yummy gelatos for your cheat days, many hard-core connoisseurs of Indian desserts took a liking to the humble flavoured yoghurt. Brands like Pinkberry and Cocoberry are doing well satiating the Indian sweet tooth. The trend seems to have caught up with Indian brands like Amul and Britannia to name a few.

4.  Going nuts over Cronuts and Donuts


As foodies we love to explore newer options for our exceptionally demanding sweet tooth. The humble glazed donut or the chocolate ganache topped cream filled donut; just the thought of them gets one salivating. With brands like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts making their foray into the Indian market this trendsetter is here to stay and definitely leaves us asking for more. The global fad known as the ‘ÔÇÿcronutÔÇÖ has also made its way to India and is appreciated a lot. This croissant-doughnut hybrid is quite the rage still. When going nuts over ÔÇÿcronutsÔÇÖ do check out MumbaiÔÇÖs very own dessert heaven-Theobroma Patisserie.

3. Thumbs up for Lebanese Cuisine


The Indian taste-buds still scrumptiously enjoys Chinese and Continental cuisines. But when it comes to trying out new cuisines, the foodie in us has welcomed with open arms Lebanese Cuisine. Shawarma rolls to falafel pita sandwiches to hummus are being enjoyed to the core. Lebanese food is definitely here to stay.

2. Dessert Shots


In a fitness savvy world, keeping the calories in check and enjoying your cake too is close to impossible. But thanks to the dessert shots be it your favourite mango mousse or chocolate pudding its quite possible. These miniature versions of classic and new flavours are quite the rage currently in cafes, patisseries and events as well. Long live the pint sized dessert shots. Check out your nearest CCD outlets to get a taste of the amazing and lip-smacking dessert shots.

1. Barbeque Food



Slowly cooked meats, seafood and even veggies leave a flavoursome taste thatÔÇÖs hard to get over. Thanks to the number of barbeque restaurants vying for Indian customers, barbequing which is quite popular in the USA and Down Under has caught the fancy of meat lovers and vegetarians as well. Barbeque Nation is a must visit when in the mood for awesome tasting barbeque.

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