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Top 5 worst songs of previous gen

Ishq wala Love, Pon Pon Pon, Saans mein teri Saans mili toh.

You think our generation has bad songs? Are you embarassed to listen to the radio fearing that your ears will bleed if you hear them once more? Are the oldies laughing at you and pointing fingers at how pathetic our attempts at music are?

Well, i cant help with these songs. They are actually that bad

But you’d be glad to know it didnt start with us. Allow me to shine a light at the worst songs from the previous generations.

No 5. M.A.D. (My Adorable Darling)
This is a song from Mein Khiladi Tu Anari. Watching this song will make you wonder how Saif is still in Bollywood, and how he got married—twice. Kareena if you haven’t seen it yet. Please do, it’s not too late!

No 4. Bharro, Mang meri Bharo.
Years before Joker, and Rowdy Rathore. Akshay Kumar was still cheesy. You think our gen seduction songs are awkward? Catch this one. Mamta Kulkarni seducing Akshay Kumar by saying, ‘marry me and then love me’. Good luck seducing Charlie Harper that way!

No 3. Meri Pant bhi Sexy.
Govinda’s version of ‘I’m too sexy for my pants’. In which he claims that his Pant, his shirt, his hair, his walk and not to mention his handkerchief is ‘oh so sexy’. Ladies, do I hear you tearing your clothes off yet? Err…I don’t think so Govinda, tough luck.

No 2. Chadh Gaya Upar re. Atariya pe lotan kabutar re.
It’s the grandmaster Mithun in all his Roadside Romeo glory. This song is vulgar, crass, crude, and those are the good points. The bad points are the lyrics and music, which will make you want to shoot a rocket launcher at any pigeon you encounter then onwards.

No 1. Ek Chumma tu muzko udhar de de, aur badle me UP Bihar le le.
This song basically says that you can borrow a kiss from this girl and give her UP and Bihar as payment. So it’s either that the girl is really expensive, or UP and Bihar are that cheap. You figure!

So the next time someone teases you about Himesh Reshamiya being part of our generation, please remind them that songs like Aa-Aa-E Oo-oo-oh, mera dil na todo were part of theirs. Touche!

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