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Top 5 Scoldings teachers love to give.

No. 1. This is the worst batch I have ever taught

No. 2. Get out of my class!

No. 3. Should I call your parents?

No. 4. Look how nicely he has done it…Why can’t you people learn something from him?

No. 5. No respect for the teachers! Is this what we teach you in school?

And…the all time classic;
No. 6. Chal, murga ban! ban murga! Aur kisiko chahiye kya ye punishment bolo! Koi tameez nai hai! No discipline!

Well if the teacher really loved you then you’d certainly remember these punishments;
Here are the top 5 ….in reverse order !

No 5. Making you stand outside the class for all to see and ask why

No 4. Takes you to the principal for an additional lecture on discipline

No 3. Calls your parents who again give you a lecture after getting home

No 2. Writes a note to your parents and you have to get it signed by them

No 1. Best of all – Chal murga ban!!! Aur kisiko chahiye ye punishment, bolo!

-Bhavi M

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