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Top 5 Reasons to Drink Alcohol

1.Makes time fly – 3 hours at college will feel like 10 hours and 3 hours drinking will feel less than 30 minutes.

2.It’s environmentally friendly – A lot of alcohol is made when grains, fruits or vegetables are fermented. It may offend your meat eating friends, but remember you are only doing good for the generations to come.

3.You can help the economy – Every time you buy something you are adding extra money to the government, which is better than sitting home and collecting everything for useless things.

4.It helps you lose weight – Gaining weight due to alcohol consumption is a myth! Alcohol increases insulin sensitivity and hence helps you lose weight and protects against diabetes.

5.It makes people more attractive – Alcohol numbs the brain and there are a lot of chances that even an ugly person can look very very attractive. You can look at this in a bad way but then you can also imagine the hottest person finding you attractive under the influence of alcohol!

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