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Top 5 Reasons to do BMM

1)      Marks se No Marks Tak: Your marks will not be a reflection of what you know, your creativity, passion and talent are what will make you stand out. So if mugging answers has always driven you crazy and learning by doing is your style, BMM it is.

2)      Self-Awareness: In six semesters, you will learn a lot, not in depth may be, but enough to know what you like. So you would know what makes you tick, some enlightenment for all you clueless souls out there.

3)      Aunty ki padosan ke bete ki gf ka kutta? Some BMM guy must have popularized the idiom, zarurat padhne par gadhe ko bhi baap banana padhta hai. Contacts are everything and if you have the social skills of Sheldon, I don’t think this is the course for you. Everything from internship to job will depend more or less on who you know.

4)      300 effect: You will work in so many groups, and with so many people most of whom would probably make you scream “Oh jejus” true Rakhi Sawant style. But by the end your team building skills would put Leonidas to shame.

5)      Is Batman your favourite superhero? If you are a big fan of batman, and become truly alive in the night, BMM it is for you. The fests, assignments will keep you up and about through the night.


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