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Top 5 – Pick up lines and replies

1. Line: Haven’t I seen you somewhere before.
Answer: Oh yes, I know, that is why I don’t go to that place anymore!

2. Line: Hi beautiful, is this seat empty?
Answer: Oh yes, sweetheart and this one will be if you sit down there!

3. Line: Oh honey, I would go to the end of the world for you…
Answer: Oh really? And would you stay there forever?

4. Line: So baby, your place or mine?
Answer: Ummm…Both I would say. You go to yours and I go to mine.

5. Line: How about a dinner tonight?
Answer: Oye, tere ghar me maa-behen nai hai kya, jo tere liye khana banaye?

– Bhavi Patel

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