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Top 5 on my Wishlist for Lord Ganesha

Ganpati Bappa, the Vighnaharta is finally here. Everyone has something in their mind that they want from the lord. Since I’ve been taught as a child not to be a selfish, materialistic and greedy brat, I have just five simple wishes that I want.

One for myself, One for my dear friends, One for my beloved family, One for my awesome nation and the last one for my beautiful World. So please do consider my requests Ganpati Bappa!

1. Wish for me: I wish for a humble Kawasaki Ninja 650 cc. That doesn’t need fuel to run, doesn’t get scratches in parking lots, jumps over traffic jams, and turns into a Mercedes McLaren at the press of a button.

2. Wish for my friends: I wish all my friends would score excellent marks in the graduation exam, but please not more than me though! And I also wish they lead fulfilling and successful lives ahead, again not more than mine!

3. Wish for my family: I wish my mother’s only son graduates at the top of his class. My Dad’s only son becomes the college cricket team’s captain. And lastly, please give my sister’s brother get a good job with 4 day work week, and a six figure income, monthly paid vacation leave, an Audi cab for pickup and drop.

4. Wish for my Nation: I wish for reduction in traffic, inflation, petrol prices, crime, Reality shows and soap operas… and if nothing else is possible then even the reduction of reality shows and soap operas would do. Also if you could do something about corruption.

5. Wish for my World: I wish for world peace! —-just kidding!

I wish all the presidents are replaced by Stand-Up Comedians. That way we’d have comedy quotes like “The Economy is slower than a snail giving a turtle a piggy back ride” and “The prices of oil are fluctuating, I’d tell you the current rates but I’m sure they’d increase by the time I say the number” and my classic favorite, “I’m an honest politician”. Thus making my world a happier place to live in.

– Adityaa Ingale

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