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Top 5 Celeb Activities on Social Media

1. Brag About themselves and their friends- Can’t name anyone celebrity, because personal PR (SELF BRAGGING) and talking about their own achievements is the major reason for many celebrities to use social media.

2. Flatter the biggies to get some work- Taran Adarsh, Mushtaq Sheikh, Neil Nitin Mukesh are always on the flattering spree.

3. Expose- Poonam Pande and Arvind Kejriwal are the frontrunners of this game. You already know what I’m talking about! Don”t you?

4. Controvery Specialists- Twitter wars are a common feature for many celebs. But Kamaal R Khan, this Deshdrohi’s (soul of the film) mention here itself explains the volatile quality of statements. From calling Karan Johar gay to asking girls for their BB’s pins, this man has done it all!

5. Fan Interactions- Big B, SRK, Pee Cee- the optimum utilization of social media proves why they are also the most popular people in the Social Media World- wit, grit, knowledge do it all.

– Parampara Patil Hashmi

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