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Top 10 Resolutions People Fail to Keep

It’s the time of the year where the resolutions are reborn. Some we keep, Most we don’t. Here’s a list of the top 10 resolutions that people fail to keep.

Lose Weight and Get Fit:


It happens to be the time of the year everyone suddenly getsÔÇÖs fitness conscious, and thus this resolution was born.┬á Every year people make this vow and thousands fail. After all, gymming is boring and itÔÇÖs easier to simply make excuses and grab the junk food.


Quit Smoking


Quitting the cancer stick is another favourite.┬á For one reason or another, we decide to break up with the cigarette and quit smoking.┬á while some manage fabulously, for some this is one habit thatÔÇÖs hard to give up on. Next year maybe, weÔÇÖll get better at keeping this one.


Learn Something New


Every year, we promise ourselves weÔÇÖll attempt to learn a new skill. Whether it is a new language or an instrument, we promise ourselves that this would be the year that we finally do this.┬á More often than not, such promises remain unfulfilled.


Get Out of Debt and Save Money

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After a night of partying, we start off the year with a promise to balance our finances better and save. However, we do end up giving into temptation, whether itÔÇÖs those irresistible pair of shoes or the cool new gadget.┬á So itÔÇÖs back to the debt bandwagon again.


Spend More Time with Family



Family time is an extremely important, but due to work and other commitments, we often put this on the backburner. Every year we promise ourselves that itÔÇÖll be different this year, yet itÔÇÖs strange how some things never change.


Travel to New Places


ThereÔÇÖs a deep-seated need to explore new places in our souls. However we tend to ignore this, maybe due to a lack of holidays or funds. Funny how some things jut remain on the bucket list.


Be Less Stressed

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Stress and adulthood go hand in hand, so every year we say weÔÇÖll try to change things and thus reduce the stress. Yet another year bites the dust, and here we are more stressed out than ever


Fall in love



We all want someone special to simply share our lives with.  We make ourselves a promise to let go of the past and our inhibitions and open ourselves up to the possibility of love. While some get lucky, some are still waiting for cupid to strike.


Drink Less



This is generally the resolution which is made when massively hungover, but the will is strengthened after a major New Year party.   But with a new year come new occasions, and the will to drink lesser just fades by alongside the year.


Try New Things

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Opening ourselves up to new possibilities is what makes us grow, so sometimes we start the year with the willingness to try new things and open ourselves up to new possibilities. Yet somehow as the year comes to an end, this will is lost too.



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