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This Valentine’s let’s fall out of love!

Ever since we have been flicking channels while sitting through the never ending commercials on air, that girl has never failed to come. That dusky and ÔÇ£dullÔÇØ girl with no hope in her life, because she would not clear an interview, does not have a boyfriend, is at the receiving end of the ridicule of her relatives or barely receives any societal acceptance, because of her dark complexion. And when the poor damsel in distress applies that magical fairness cream for four weeks, viola! She is now fair and ÔÇ£beautifulÔÇØ!

And so the Indian obsession with fair skin continues, in all its pomp and glory, while the advertisement world feeds off on this insecurity of Indians resulting from their love for fair skin. Have we taken this nasty lil preoccupation of ours a tad too far? Has beauty just a skin deep meaning for us? Probably, this Valentine’s, we can try to fall out of love, with our obsession with fair skin?DisB-logo-for-FB-500x500_opt

For many of us (men included) who worry about their darker skin tone, there is a society that drives us to a point where we practically start to detest ourselves, not accepting our actual and innate beauty and trying to fit into the moulds that have been made by the stereotypical humans around us. We try all the cosmetics in the world promising us the whitest skin ever, only to know that the promised four weeks later, we are just the money costing the cosmetics less, and not a shade brighter! And whatÔÇÖs funnier, our quest for the perfect flawless white skin continues.

Well, why exactly do we think that dark skin is not hot? Because we know girls who don’t exactly fit in the “fair and lovely” category, but oh aren’t they rocking that dusky skin! Kajol, Chitrangada Singh, Lisa Haydon, Deepika Padukone, Nandita Das, Halle Berry, Lupita Nyong’o’… well the list doesn’t end and let’s just accept, they are hands down sexy! Yes, beauty sure lies in the eyes of the beholder, but hello beholder, beauty is beyond just being skin deep. Beauty is in all things worth admiration and colour is therein a matter of least importance .

So this ValentineÔÇÖs, let’s stop going gaga over fair skin (pimples still are a nightmare though!) and pledge love to beauty, inner that is. 🙂

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