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This is IT!

It’s not the AC cubicle and desktop with 4GB RAM. It’s not even the obscene salaries, the ever-expanding free pool/bench, the hierarchy or the unnecessary formal clothing. MEGHNA BHUJWALA tells you the real tricks to identifying an IT company.

The IT Belly
So, you thought it was only politicians, babus and hawaldars who sported pot bellies? Well, welcome to the new world of portly people – software engineers. IT legend has it that one’s waist size is equally proportional to his years of experience. So, the next time you need to judge the designation of the guy next to you in the office bus you know what you should be looking at. It’s a trend that is fast spreading across all IT companies.

Praan jaaye
par ID na jaaye

The most common accessory you’ll land up wearing in an IT firm is your Identity Card. These objects have subtle variations like the color of the tag, the width and look from firm to firm, but in the end, it’s your only way to penetrate the super-high security forts treasuring millions of lines of code without which the world as we know it will come to a standstill. It’s not unusual to find notice boards screaming warnings saying ‘Wear your badge at all times when in office premises’. And all the creativity that can be put into wearing that I-card — be it dangling it from your neck or wearing it at your waist — has already been done. The best way, of course, remains removing it once you are inside!

Fire Drills
It is a deeply appreciated phenomenon for more reasons than one. The fact that it shows concern for the employees’ safety is the least important one. The most important reason is that a fire drill indicates an hour off from work. It’d be even more appreciated and diligently followed if we didn’t have to come back to our desks after that. Anybody listening?

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