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Superman a Visual Delight, Even Without Undies

First of all people complaining about Superman’s costume must have not been reading comics for the last year.
Superman is no longer flying around in a baby blue outfit with a red speedo over it. Its not 1980 anymore though his costume still looks like a superman costume just modernized with a new look.

The visual theme of the movie paces from insect-ish alien planet, to humane Earth, to an underwater octopus’
arm chasing our man of steel. The camera work and photography are “out of this world”. The visual effects are amazing, despite how outrageous they are. Superman hasn’t been done better than this. And yes the six packs rippling thru the costume, and no under wear…girls are you listening.

After ‘The Avengers’, then in ‘Man of Steel’ Hollywood is fetishizing insect- like spacecraft. A large number of audiences do not savour giant insects all over the screen, though I love cockroaches, bugs and mosquitoes.

The music by Hans Zimmer is rousing. The action scenes have fresh angles of photography and are intriguing. So the lunch is served with delicious curry, spicy pickle and mouth-watering desserts, but how will you go on savouring them with burnt roti. The ‘save-the-world’ story is obvious, but the plots and twists are too humane for an alien
movie (stereotyping aliens as far more advanced than us, as portrayed in movie) with music and photography being very alien-ish or advanced. So finally what you do is eat the curry with a spoon, lick the pickle
off your fingertips and enjoy the desert while leaving the roti, thus eating an incomplete meal.

superman new costume

superman new costume

Did you like Christopher Reeve’s interpretation of Superman better than Henry Cavill as Superman in this film ? Please write to us?

Rating :2.5/5

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