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The youngest sibling.

Having siblings is great, both elder and younger and everyone feels that the other one has the most advantage BUT when you are the youngest in the house, it’s all the same in every family.

If you are the “baby” of the house, you might relate to the following:

You are automatically blamed for everything missing, broken or misplaced in the house.

1. Before you ask for anything like a mobile phone or your own lipstick, the first thing shot at you is “teri behen ko toh 20 saal ki thi jab usse leke diya tha”.

2. Also, you will be asked why do you need it because for them you are not 20 something but still that 5 year old kid who was screaming for a toy in the toy shop.

3. You will quite frequently be told “Bohot sar pe chadha liya hai isse” for anything you argue about, even if you are not rude.

4. Your suggestions/opinions are ignored and you are told “tu chup kar, tu choti hai, ye bado ki baatein hai”.

5. The shopping bag, whomsoevers it may be, will always have something for you.

6. You will be the last person to know any news, officially. You have obviously heard everything by pressing your ear against the door and trying to eavesdrop on the phone conversations.

7. Any weird, funny or kiddish job is ALWAYS given to you saying “tu chota hai na, tu karega toh chalta hai”.

8. No matter how old you may get, you will still always be small for everyone.

9. You will always be told at all family functions “Kitni badi ho gayi hai! 10th mei ho beta?”.

10. Since your reputation is anyway that of a stubborn kid, you get everything you want- hook or crook.

11. You have many sources of quick cash (you might have to beg a little but hey- it’s with your own family).

12. If you have your siblings in your same school and if anyone lays even a finger on you, they will receive a punishment so strict that they will not even walk around you again.



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