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The Yellow Pages : First Edition

‘The First Edition’ debut album of The Yellow Pages hits stores

From blues, pop to dubstep, ‘The First Edition’ debut album of the band The Yellow Pages has it all. The album includes nine tracks. Six tracks have been written and composed by Gaurav Jagwani. Track 5, Interloud, is an instrumental while the remaining two tracks have been written by both Simran Talreja and Gaurav Jagwani. Jai Vaswani has brought in the electronic elements.

“We have been a band for over 7 years. After a lot of touring and playing original music, we just thought it was about time that we worked on an album. Also, since Simran Talreja was leaving for Australia with the band’s future lying in uncertainty, we thought it would be a great idea to put the album out. We released an EP a few years before the actual album, but that was a self funded, independent release. More like a demo to get us going,” asserts Gaurav Jagwani, vocalist.

The current lineup of the acoustic pop duo band comprise of Gaurav Jagwani on all Instruments & vocals, Simran Talreja on vocals, Suprateek Chatterjee on Guitars, Vikas Munipalle on Percussion, Jai Vaswani on Keyboard & Electronica.

“The band tackled the recording of the album very differently. Usually, a band lays the instrumentals down before putting the vocals. Since Simran Talreja was leaving for Australia, we put her vocals down over rough keys. So, we built the album around her voice instead of the normal way of enhancing the instruments with the voice. It is a complete opposite from the norm, but it worked well. The album was very well received. It was overall a really great experience working with Jai Vaswani. The ideas that we went in with and the finished product are completely different, “recalls Gaurav.

Besides music, Gaurav Jagwani works in the family business. Simran Talreja is studying in Australia. Jai Vaswani is pursuing music in Bombay while running his own cafe outside HR College.

From their first gig which was at the World Trade Center for a New Year’s Eve party way back in 2006, the band has come a long way. They have played several times at Blue Frog, Not Just Jazz By The Bay & High Spirits in Pune.

Gaurav Jagwani hopes to release his solo music soon.

For those who are interest in purchasing the album please visit Flipkart.com, Oklisten.com or Musicfellas.com











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