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Review – The Wolverine

I have never been a big X-Men fan , I liked X-Men and X-2. While X-Men : The Last Stand raped everything . And killed the fan-boy I was emerging to become. X-Men Origins : Wolverine was pure shit and I can talk for hours talking about how bad it was. Fassbender and McAvoy made me change my perception because I loved X-Men : First Class.

Now we have another stand alone Wolverine movie and is it good ? Does it make sense or goes to shit like its predecessor ?
‘The Wolverine’ people is an ample full of surprise. I remember watching the first trailer. I usually get a nerdy-boner while watching trailers to comic-book adaptions but this just did not raise up any testosterone level in my body. It was until yesterday I wasn’t interested but then I somehow went for it, not thinking much about it. And boy was I pleased !

The Wolverine is about Logan who has been living in despair, away from everything and has enveloped himself in an exile until a young woman Yukio comes looking for him with a message from her Master Yashida, a soldier Logan had saved during the Nuclear explosions in Nagasakhi . Travelling all the way to Tokyo, Yashida makes an offer – offering to relieve him of his immortality, Logan is entrapped trying to save Yashida’s heir, his granddaughter. So does Logan give up his mutant superpowers and submits to an ordinary life? This is what the film is about.

It’s interesting to see and note that the film is darker and has a serious tone to it for most of its part. This wasn’t expected from what I saw in the trailer and it came as a surprise, while people go wrong trying to make serious cinema out of comic-book movies- James Mangold has hit all the right chords.

If you are going in expecting a film that is filled with action you sure will be disappointed because The Wolverine tries to be more than that and succeeds in being one to some extent. Though the film is not high on action , there are 2 specific scenes that have been done quite brilliantly and the bullet-train sequence could possibly be the best action scene in a film in a long time.

While I’ll praise James Mangold for what he has tried to do with the film bringing in a darker shade he loses it in the last 30 minutes and goes to the ‘entertain the audience’ mode. Am not complaining though.

Hugh Jackman was born to play Logan. Wolverine can never be played by anyone ever. Talking about the performance – this is a stand alone Jackman movie. Rila Fukushimi tries to do justice to her role and succeeds to some extent. Others are good as well. Svetlana Khodchenkova is HOT.

Final Verdict : ‘The Wolverine’ will be a surprise for most of you, as its way better than expected. Is it the best X-Men movie ? No. Is it better than the previous Wolverine movie ? HELL YEAH !

I would have rated this a 3/5 but , what possibly could be the best after-credit scene ever and the unexpected climax makes me change my mind.

Rating : 3.5/5

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