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You will probably not find a musician or a dancer who has never tried to copy Michael Jackson. On his death anniversary, we asked a musician and a dancer how Jackson inspired them and their way of remembering the legend.

MJ’s tribute to MJ

Mihir Joshi’s band, The Works paid tribute to the King of Pop on June 25 at Not Just Jazz by the Bay in Mumbai. “Yes, we remember the time,” says Mihir Joshi. “We’ve been singing his songs live even before he died. A week before he died, we performed his songs at Hard Rock Cafe. When we heard about his death, we were devastated.” Joshi is proud to share his initials with the King of Pop and says that as a child, he would boast, “My name is MJ!” He says, “I love watching his videos and listening to his songs. In our own way, we sing his songs with honesty – the way we feel them.” They performed 16 of his all-time favourite tracks including – Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean, They Don’t Really Care About Us, The Way You Make Me Feel, Will You Be There, Human Nature (Instrumental), Heal The World, We Are The World, Beat It, Black Or White, Earth Song. “My favourite track is Human Nature. And yes, I sang it! Last year, John Mayer did a very nice instrumental, and we did something like that. My favourite track to sing is Black or White. It gives me great enthusiasm singing it. The energy I get from the crowd is something else,” says Joshi.

Michael, we remember the time

With Michael Jackson’s music, come his awesome moves. Rahul Saxenna, who runs a dance academy called Rahul Saxenna’s Dance Connection (RSDC) gave a tribute to the King of Pop in association with NGO Hope World Wide. The RSDC crew performed on Michael Jackson’s ten most famous tracks with various dance forms like break dance, salsa, waltz and the tango. Saxenna says, “Michael Jackson – the name itself is synonymous to magic, power and talent. Like millions, I too have been inspired throughout my life by his talent and hard work. Every single individual in the world of entertainment looks up to the legend in some way or the other. Michael Jackson will be happy to see from above, that his music and dance is taken very seriously by the new generation as well. Michael will never die and will remain in our hearts forever.”

My fav MJ song

We asked people to name their favourite MJ song, and they cribbed because they had to choose only one song. Some still didn’t comply!

Suyash Oza: Billie Jean has always been a favourite since the intro beats never fail to get you in the groove.

Jay Doshi: Black or White for sure! I find it very inspiring and the beats are
really cool.

Prajakta Joshi: Thriller! I love it because of the dance. It’s awesome! My friends and I have spent hours practicing those steps!

Sudeep Shukla: I love Smooth Criminal. I like the beats and the dance moves.

Jignesh Solanki: Earth Song is the best especially because of its amazing video.

Rajnikant Sebastian Xalxo: My favourite MJ song? Dangerous!

Jubin Joshi: My cousin and I have broken a lot of teeth trying to do the 45-degree lean from Smooth Criminal! The Black or White song hooked us to the white shirt and They Don’t Really Care About Us taught us how to bang benches at school!

Naufil Mirsinge: They Dont Really Care About Us! That’s true for our own country as well!

Anant Saxena: The Way You Make Me Feel was and still is one of the best-written love ballads of all time.

Ruchi Mehta: I like all of them but Stranger in Moscow is simply superb!

Daina Noronha: To choose one song-that’s tough! My favourites would be Heal the World and Earth Song as they both beautifully convey a strong message.

Jimish Joshi: Beat It!

Aditya Harlalka: Black or White! It was the first ever English song that I liked and from then on, I was an MJ fan.

Sumit Surai: I love the lyrics, meaning, music, singing-everything of the Earth Song!

The glove we love and more

Jackson’s signature Swarovski crystal-studded gloves were auctioned for $160,000 (Rs 74,05,632 approx) on June 25, this year. The bid from Wanda Kelley of Los Angeles won the pair.

Other items included:

MTV music video award: $37,500 (Rs 17,35,695 approx)
Handwritten lyrics to Bad: $8,000
Signed fedora: $45,000 (Rs 20,82,834 approx)
Corduroy shirt: $23,000 (Rs 10,64,559 approx).
The jacket MJ wore during his 1996 wedding to Debbie Rowe: $60,000 (Rs 27,77,112 approx).
The T-shirt worn in the Beat It video: $36,000 (Rs 16,66,267)
A custom jacket: $100,000 (Rs 46,285,200)

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