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The Urban EarlyMen

There were times they fell, but they got up each time, yet again, because they had stories to tell, and through music they did.

The Urban EarlyMen based in Delhi, is a psychedelic rock band and was formed in April 2011. They are Adityan Nair (vocals), Mridul Luthra (lead), Siby Mathew (rhythm), Roshan Roy (bass) and Jayant Parashar (drums). Psychedelic rock is a music culture that rose in the 60s giving a euphoric respite to people who thrived on this music kind. And so, psychedelic is The Urban EarlyMen’s fort├¿. They believe in producing music that enhance minds and is mind altering.ABCD 1_opt

And why the name The Urban EarlyMen? “We all used to listen to 60s, 70s and 80s music, thus developing similar music interests and simultaneously experimented with urban equipments. Hence the name.” For anything beautiful to come into form, there would be immense toiling and struggles involved. The Urban EarlyMen went through their share of the same too. “It took us a while to get a strong foothold in the industry. We played more than 50 gigs for free, in return for any kind of acknowledgement we could receive for our music. So yes, it was difficult.” The Urban EarlyMen feels that the upcoming bands however are luckier. “As compared to when we started back in 2011, there are more venues today and the industry is more receptive. So the new bands have better options and hence get the exposure they require easily enough.”

So does The Urban EarlyMen think that had they started today, they would not have had to struggle like they had to? “If we had started today, we probably would not have made the same songs we had back then. We play what we feel. Our music is a form of expressing ourselves. Whatever each individual goes through at a certain point of life, reflects in the music we make. So had we started today, we would not have been where we are today.”ABCD 2_opt

The Urban EarlyMen’s first gig was in a competition on 8 July, 2011 in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi and had represented India internationally on two occasions. “First was when we came 19th out of 12,000 bands across the world at The Hard Rock Rising Competition and second international achievement was when we were nominated as the best international band at the Ireland Music Awards, and we were the only band from Asia.” The Urban EarlyMen have written five songs till date, their first song Try being the most popular of all. Their latest is “Du Voyage”. They plan to release their album this year. And they swear by the likes of The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Since guys who are into music have had girls drooling over them since ages, I ask The Urban EarlyMen about their fan following (female, obviously!). “We do have a loyal base of followers, and our guitarist has the most female fans!” Well, now we know who to make some more space for in our playlists!

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