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The Unprecedented Vogue of 2015

Like the Earth, which after a monotonous journey of 365.25 days has set out for a new venture around the sun, itÔÇÖs time for you to strut into the New Year with a tasteful flamboyance. This year gives you a plethora of opportunities to explore the hidden beauty in you, in ways that you might have never tried out before. Starting from the colour of the year to the make-up, thatÔÇÖll create a style statement; this article makes an attempt to give a gist of what the experts have said about the fashion trend of this year.

The Must Have Marsala in your Wardrobe

To begin with, the hue that has been proclaimed as the ÔÇÿColour of the Year 2015ÔÇÖ is Marsala. The reddish brown tint, Marsala, despite being a robust, impactful and seductive shade has its own way of making you look elegant. This colour, when worn, is sure to add a bold as well as a stylish tone to your personality. Make sure that you have it in your wardrobe soon because you canÔÇÖt miss out to see people going crazy over your Marsala look! 😉

P.S. – Hunt for a simply designed outfit that can perfectly offset the deep, earthy wine red shade.

marshala 2









What Else?

But does your dressing up end with the Marsala look? Definitely not! This year gives you plenty of chances to get choosy about the styles and the fabrics that you want to drape yourself with. Fill your shopping bags with sparkling sequins, tailored tuxedos, one-piece monochromes, youthful polka prints, bold, bright and vibrant flower prints and outfits describing this seasonÔÇÖs relaxed military style.

marshala 4Shoe Trends

All the shoeholics, listen up! 2015 is all set to drive you mad over an unending array of scintillating designs of shoes. Just a glimpse of this yearÔÇÖs shoe trends, defined by cut-out flats, gladiator wedges, chain link sandals, feather ties sandals, crocodile plums and star booties, will steal your heart away. So, how about a trip to the outlets this weekend?

shoes 1


Make-Up, Rich and Bold

Coming on to the make-up, rich and bold tones will make you stand out in the crowd this annum. Enjoy the liberty of beautifying your eyes with deeper tinges of liners, shadows and mascara. And to complement the hearty look, allow your eye brows to grow into those lush, dark curves.

marshala 3No to Girly Neon Paints

As it is very well understood by now that this yearÔÇÖs fashion is trending on the theme of ÔÇÿBoldness Embellished with Flawless StylingÔÇÖ, you got to bid farewell to those girly, neon nail paints. Pick out a frosty colour from your bunch and let your nails be the canvas to display your rich creativity.

nail paint 2Simple is Beautiful

If you belong to the category of people who dress up believing that ÔÇÿSimple is BeautifulÔÇÖ and donÔÇÖt like exploring deep colours, try out contrasting your simple fabrics with exquisite, chunky jewellery.










So all the ladies out there, are you all ready to say hello to the newfangled way of dressing up?


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