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Back 2 College – The 5 types you’re sure to meet in college

1. The one with all luck in the universe:

These are the ones who, somehow manage to cherish every best thing you ever wanted for yourself. Perfect friend (by this I mean, the guys and girls you always wanted to befriend), perfect look, perfect character, and even perfect score, they have it all. This are the type that can end up doing an ideal internship (the one you always craved for) while you are still sulking somewhere in your room.
It is most unlikely to become friends with them, because somewhere down the line, you despise (in your very own world) them for being lucratively fortunate. Don’t worry; it is mere human to shelter this feeling of dislike.

2. The geeky one:
If your college is lucky, you’ll encounter a dozens of this kind. They work hard, and always have a goal to achieve. They have their complete life planned out and sacrifice everything for the sake of assumed future. They love competition and are ready to cut your heads off, if you try to supersede them. There are two subcategories here, one is- the confident geek and the other is, pretending to be not so confident geek. You need to watch out for later. They often disguise themselves as sweet and unsure person, but after 10 years, you might probably be serving them and evading their stern glances. The next time, they smile at you, beware! They are probably mocking your ignorance regarding their existence.

3. The one lacking in the brain department:
Always confused and easily amazed, these are the trademarks of people falling under the category. Their annoying inability to grasps even the smallest of details, might want you to bang your head on the desk. Found in excess, you probably become so well accustomed with their existence that life seems impossible and dull, without them. It’s likely that you or one of your friends was this person at some point. A lot to learn, this person often make for an exquisite experience, all over again!

4. The one whom you envy!
This person is directly pulled from your imagination. They don’t study, yet they manage to score lavish grades. They eat, yet manage to stay in a perfect shape. They don’t try, yet become the most important person in your class. Their gimmicks are treated with respect and considered important. Yours, on the other hand, are regarded as a source of attention seeking device. Their presence, in a way, becomes the crux of your existence.
5. The diva/ the rock star:
Important note: befriend such characters. You never know, you might be sharing a meal with the future superstar. Also, you will get a first-hand account of everything that happens in their life (after becoming superstar), which by the way would be an exciting thing, if you are a big time gossipier.

6. The Overachiever:
They are everywhere…Every committee, ever club, every organization. They are everything, your leader, your ideal, your friend, your motivator, your enemy. One thing never ceased to amaze me about people falling in this category, how do they manage to have such brilliant and logical views on every other thing when I haven’t even started thinking? Little intimidating, isn’t it?

7. The friend:
Well, your friend might belong to any category mention above, but what separates them from other is the fact that, no matter who or what is they, you love them. And more often than not, this emotion is returned. Autistic, geeky or street smart, whoever your friend might be, without them college wouldn’t be fun. They are the secret recipe of life’s soup.

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