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The Theory Of Everything; Review

The Theory Of Everything is everything but the theory. If you peek into the movie expecting technical jargon about Stephen Hawking’s life you’ll be┬á disappointed.
The film mostly shows how Stephen slowly proceeds into his disease. The various phases have been wonderfully tackled along with a parallel role-play of the Stephen-Jane love. Very early in the movie there is a scene where the geeky protagonist meets the beautiful Jane for the first time at a party. We, the audience do feel cheated as we don’t have a solid ground to judge Jane’s character. It’s too soon to introduce her and proceed directly into the love blossoming like a fairy-tale. But, it can’t be denied that James Marh’s direction does the trick here. His magical and charming way of dealing with the story is commendable.
Being a biography, The Theory Of Everything doesn’t fulfill the needs of the movie freaks but inside the film is a story that’s dying to get out. One, that hasn’t been told till date. If you want to see more aspects of Stephen Hawking’s life it will be a good idea to check out ‘Hawking’ that came out in 2004, starring Benedict Cumberbatch.
The theory of everything is not one of those films that wants you to geek out and get under its skin. It doesn’t even try to sweep you off your feet with extraordinary facts from the life of the legend, and that’s the reason why its a good film. It is more about love, than anything else.
The well written screenplay helps elevate the movie from being average to being a blissful charade. There is a final one minute sequence in the movie which sums up ‘Everything’ and lightens every cell of your body.
As physicist Stephen Hawking, Eddie Redmayne takes us from the wallflower schoolboy who has a thing for solving complex problems even if its on the back of a leaflet, to being a world-knowing genius fighting one of the most horrible situations one can face.  His performance is outstanding. Every phase of the disease was a new performance for him, and he adapts wonderfully. Being nodded for the Oscar for Leading role, he is going to give tough competition to the other contenders if not win it. Felicity Jones is great too. She plays the lover and protector to a desperate wife with great elan. The music of the film is amazing, and it will probably bring home the Best Original Score Oscar this time around.
Final Verdict: The Theory Of Everything might not be a perfect biography but its a really engaging film that doesn’t really go by the numbers. There are times when you expect things to fall in a cliched way but it surprises you every single time.
Rating: 3.5/5

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