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The silent treatment.

Every relationship has it’s own thing. One thing common with each one, though, is fighting. Every couple, young and old has something that sets them off, some lead to arguments, some lead to fights, some may even lead to break ups. But all this is okay. You know what the worst thing is? The silent treatment.

I was the connoisseur of the silent treatment. Initially when I would be angry I would shout, bicker and say things. But if I’m more than a little upset, I’d stop talking.

But even then, we girls are more forgiving. Yes for 10 minutes we will be furious but after that we’ll forgive you and be with you. That was me too. But what I never expected was being on the receiving end of the silent treatment- when HE stopped talking.

I had NO idea what to do. I said sorry. I cracked jokes. I talked about nonsense. I tried everything but he stole the record and he refused to say even a single word to me. Then I realized omg this sucks. Atleast when we fought we are still talking, saying things, venting it out. This way, the is utter silence except the words coming out of your own mind. It is confusing and plain bad.

To all those people practicing this treatment, I’d say please cut the other person some slack and talk. Rude words can be more gentle than harsh silence. Because without saying anything, you are saying too much.

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