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The Seatbelt Crew: Hilarious Social Message

Hands down humour is the most trending topics worldwide. In India with the scores of stand-up comedy shows and prankster reality shows garnering great television ratings proves that comedy rules. Social message videos are no longer mundane and bland. The new breed of creative minds are literally thinking out of the box and coming up with seriously dope stuff. Who knew a public awareness campaign and humour could blend together to create such a buzz.

If you are looking for gut-wrenching laughter you are definitely in for a colossal downpour of uninterrupted chuckles. Have you checked out this trending comical viral video called The Seatbelt Crew? This absolutely funny and entertaining public awareness video has already crossed 4 million views and still counting on a popular video sharing website. If you recall the boring aircraft safety measures demonstrated by the cabin crew on flights. Well those safety measure announcements may be an utter bore. But wait till you watch the hip Seatbelt Crew.

The Seatbelt Crew is a video demonstrating the basic road safety measure. Zooming around in your muscle cars can be a great way to impress your friends, girlfriends and boyfriends. But there is this simple safety measure we often tend to forget. Guess what? Buckling your seatbelt is the basic road safety measure that’s a life-saver in case of a mishap. Duh! Now how do you remind the public to buckle up?

Make way as the Transgenders or Hijras as they are popularly known show you how it’s done. A group of sharply dressed Hijras in pleated saris manage to draw the attention of commuters at a traffic signal and remind the pros of buckling one’s seatbelt in the most amusing way possible. This video scores high for being an absolute entertainer and rib-tickler that sends out a great social message. Here’s to a side-splitting reminder.

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