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The sad case of KLPD

I really love come-backs by yester-years great stars or as I simply like to call it— ‘recycling’. These comebacks are an excellent way to remind you why they were thrown out in the first place. But let’s not be rude to them at times like these. I mean, it is really difficult to run your (insert star name here) hotel chain these days ever since the Gas Cylinders prices have increased like Dolly Bindra’s weight.

But recently a movie came out; it is called ‘KLPD’. And for all you bad boys who think it’s your favorite slang profanity, let me disappoint you! The movie is called, Kismet Love Paisa Dilli. And thanks to KLPD, we get to witness an awesome comeback of a Star of meteoric levels! The star with the awesome hair, beautiful eyes, sexy voice, and under-appreciated acting skills.

That’s right! I’m talking about SriDevi!

Thanks to KLPD being the only other option for English Vinglish in the screens many people ignored KLPD like it has Malika Sherawat in it (oh? It does? Ohk! Sorry!)

Vivek Oberoi should stop making an embarrassment of himself on big screens, small screens, radio, papers, posters and anywhere he can be publicly seen. Viv, you should have quit when you were ahead…like by the time you did Saathiya. P.S. I’m still trying to understand as to what the hell ‘Prince’ was about?

And Malika…you once showed decent acting skill in a movie called Pyar ke Side Effects. Now all you show is your navel! Let me assure you,

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