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A Post grad’s “away from home” blues

Why are we so busy that we hardly give importance to the small things in our lives. We all are well protected, within a shell called home. However, once we get out of this cocoon we start realizing how valuable these small things are! One such thing is the “Maa ke haath ka banaya khana!!!!” Certainly, I have been able to connect to all those youngsters who are staying away from home for the purpose of studying or working. Once upon a time, the fast food stalls and eateries had been our saviours from the “boring”, “tasteless”, “dull” home-made food. And now we yearn even for the simplest of them all – dal and roti or dal and rice! I am Bengali hailing from Jamshedpur. Like most other Bongs I have a sweet tooth.  When I left home for Kolkata to pursue my graduation, I was sure that food would not be a problem at all.  After all, Kolkatta is well known for its extensive Bengali cuisine. However, I was proven wrong. Only two weeks had passed by, than I realized that there was dearth of something in my life. Something sweet!!! 😉 The food provided to the paying guests, was awful!! All of a sudden it seemed that the definition of Bengali food had changed. Curries had become more liquid and the vegetables in them seemed to remain unseen forever. Whether it was a foodaholic or a figure-conscious girl, enjoying 😉 the services of a paying guest, we all protested. To eat what they provided was impossible and to sleep empty stomach was way beyond our imagination. But we all know how these canteens of paying guests and hostels work. You eat or you don’t, they will not care. You protest, and they turn a deaf ear.

Array of my fave Bengali dishes prepared by Mom on my homecoming

Array of my fave Bengali dishes prepared by Mom on my homecoming

Though, most of the times, there are a myriad of restaurants around the place you live, you’ll realize that their food no longer satisfies you. You start to hate your once-beloved burger or pizza. Don’t be surprised if you happen to your count days, for going home. ‘Coz you might have not realized but your palate is actually craving for your favourite dish, especially prepared by your Mom. 😉

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