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The PM’s heart beats for Mukesh Ambani

Arvind Kejriwal resigned after his government failed to table the Jan Lokpal Bill in the Delhi Assembly following a high-voltage clash with the Congress and BJP.

As Arvind Kejriwal states, “you cannot stay away from politics”, I completely accept this point, because it affects our life in every single way. Before the Delhi assembly elections, I don’t think even 10% of the country’s youth was interested in politics, with a impressive win of AAP, a new revolution started, people who had lost hope in the system were now ready to actively support it. We were all set to witness a new brand of politics. When I went into the deep analysis of the recent Dharna of AAP in Delhi, many different perspectives have come into light. Firstly, even the previous Sheila Dixit government tried to get the Delhi police under their control, however they failed to do so, the Arvind Kejriwal led government realised the fact that if a bill regarding this was to be discussed in the Delhi assembly, he would never ever be able to pass it, and the bill would be just thrown in the trash. So for him going by the activist way was a better option, since he enjoys enormous support from the common man of Delhi.

This is not it. They are been called as item girls and drama queens of politics. Had it been to grab public attention, Kejriwal had already got his share of fame when he was fasting until death with Anna Hazare. After his resignation, it’s clear that the PM of India doesn’t run the country but it’s Mukesh Ambani who does so. The PM’s heart beats for Mukesh Ambani and not the people of India. The center was ready to allow the bill to pass after creating a ruckus. But after Kejriwal filed an FIR against Mukesh Ambani, the center was afraid of his next move and hence decided not to pass the bill.

Sheila Dikshit kept saying for five years CAG audit cannot be done, AAP did it in five days. They couldn’t curb corruption, but AAP managed to reduce it. Government hospitals did not have medicine supplies, the situation has changed now after their governance.

His methods might not be the right ones but to eradicate a wrong, one needs to walk on an unconventional path. Arvind Kejriwal never wanted to be hero by fighting against the political and social evils but all he wanted was to be just another common man fighting for his rights.

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