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The Fortnightly Dope from the BPO world.

Love ‘Calls’!
The lure of a great pay package, no dress code, and the ‘freedom’ that comes with money has been the reason for junta joining the BPO bandwagon. What’s more, many see call centres as the ideal place to not just make moolah – but make out.

It seems hard for Cupid to strike during odd working hours, but he does – and how! Attraction usually builds up during the training period and starts blooming once on the operations floor. For some it starts with sharing a smoke and then leads to sharing other things too. Then there’s a lot of begging-the-Team- leader to put both of you in the same shift.

But when do people get time to actually….umm….be together? According to Rahul (who used to work at Daksh) to steal a passionate kiss, he and his girlfriend would take the lift to the top floor and back. Which gave him approximately 30 seconds to finish the job!

And that exactly is the appeal for the many hopefuls who line-up for call centre interviews, hoping ‘Mera Number Aayega.’ The backdrop of a quiet night, the chilly a/c, newly found freedom and young raging hormones provide a perfect environment to meet and mate.

In other words, even Cupid has to do night shifts!! The term ‘going out for a coffee’, acquires a new and literal meaning. And if you are uncomfortable with facing your ex daily, just change your job. Which brings freedom from the ex and…more pay!

On a song
What’s your idea of a perfect job? Working in a plush office, with big salary, free transport etc.? Any normal BPO job comes close to that. But how about a gig where you listen to music all day long and get paid for the same…that too in a day shift?

Sounds like fun? Well, then you should be at V2 Solutions Vashi. The job profile here is – listen to songs, correct the lyrics coming up on the screen and if you like the song…sing-along! The process code is named as ‘Lennon’. The company is currently recruiting people by distributing fliers in music stores.

True Lies
Pravin was happy that he finally got into Intelenet . Imagine his horror when, after a few days, he got a call saying that his offer letter would hold good only if he cleared yet another interview with the operations manager.

His happiness was shortlived ‘cause after that second interview, he was told “We’ll call you later”. And Pravin is still waiting for that call….

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