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The clueless girlfriend gift guide.

Gifts. Who doesn’t love gifts? The suspense, anticipation and well, getting something thoughtful from someone FOR FREE! I for one love all of it- giving as well as getting them. I love making the perfect gift pack, gifting is like matching, you match every item to the person it will be perfect for, and when they like it, that look on their face is worth all the efforts. But then I got into a relationship…

Now don’t get me wrong, I know my boyfriend well, and I had saved a good amount too but it’s when I got to the shop to actually buy something I realised there’s barely anything available for boys at all!

So here’s a guide for the clueless girlfriends, simple and fool proof gifts for your special guy:

First and foremost, if it’s his birthday, don’t make it about “us”, make it about “him”. If that means you have to watch the star trek movies, watch them 😛

1. A perfume – like a definition, a perfume is what is the first thing you notice in a guy.

2. Shoes from his favourite brand- I know what you’re thinking, shoes?! But you’ve no idea how happy this will make him.

3. A watch- Not many accessories are available for guys, and from the limited options a watch is one the best, most timeless gift.

4. A hoodie/tee- Gifting someone a hoodie is like gifting them a warm hug. Go crazy with sports teams, superhero themes or classic pieces.

5. A personalized card- Nothing will be as special as something you make yourself. Stick in a picha, get your sparkle pens and stickers and make him a totally fab card.

6. Food- It’s true, what they say; the way to a man’s heart is from his stomach. I make cupcakes and pasta for special occasions to spoil my boy and I know when every bit of it is over, that he loved it.

7. Chocolates- Name one person who doesn’t love chocolates. You can’t cuz such a person DOES NOT EXIST. Do you know that chocolate releases endorphins, which make you feel in love? It’s true.

8. A fun all-expenses paid day- This is genius,  a tried and tested genius. Especially if one of you guys is working, the best thing you can give him (and get in return) is the tine you spend together. Go dining, watch a movie, go bowling and spoil your guy, he deserves it.

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