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The beginner’s make up guide.

Every girl has grown seeing her mother get ready while going out. The
careful liner, the full pale pink lipstick and the dust of compact
powder- and we’ve atleast once thought ,”I can’t wait to fancy myself
like that.”

Now that we are grown up and ready, we face the one problem- what to
buy and how much is enough? It’s easy to get carried away with the
huge array of colours and choices and brands and prices. So this is a
guide to a beginner’s make up kit.

It’s very important to know how much is too much. Make up shouldn’t
look made up and people should not be able to smell the cake of
foundation off of you from a kilometer away.

1. The first most important advice is- NEVER BUY UNBRANDED MAKE UP.
The facial skin is very delicate and sensitive and quality must never
be compromised.

1. BB cream- Leave the foundation away for special occasions and
invest in a BB cream. It covers spots, evens the skin tone and
provides SPF, and you can use a small quantity, it still does the job.
BB creams also help repair the skin.
i recommend- Garnier BB cream MRP. 100  for a small tube.

2. Kajal/ liner- an absolute must for your everyday. Defining your
eyes gets attention to your face and adds more precision. Apply a line
over the lashes and below if you like it, for an Indian look.
I recommend- lakme iconic or maybelline colossal kajal. MRP Rs. 175

3. Lipstick- This is also a very important step. Lipstick adds colour
to your face and choosing the right colour is very important. For your
everyday- pick shades called bare, nude or light coral shades.
I recommend- Colorbar lipsticks. MRP Rs. 270

4. Mascara- This is optional but it does give a pretty amazing effect.
Just apply 2 coats of mascara for a natural look. For seasons other
than monsoon, you can use a non waterproof one, it’s easier to wash it
I recommend- Maybelline colossal mascara. MRP Rs. 350

5. Eye shadow- Perfect for a date or a movie with friends. Apply a
darker shade on the outside and lighter shades on the inside. Pastel
colours are in this season but do invest in a classic light golden
shade, it never goes out of fashion.
I recommend- Lakme quartet. MRP Rs. 450

Along with these, buy a perfume for a pleasant and freash smell. A
good addition would be a hair serum to protect your hair against the
sun and pollution and also tone down that frizz.
I recommend- Garnier Fructis silky straight serum. MRP Rs. 175.

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