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The Bad Dog’s Diary

I like dogs, but under normal circumstances I would not buy a book about a dog. The Bad Dog’s diary caught my eye while browsing through the ‘best sellers’ at the Crossword Book store and the first paragraph had me hooked. Within the next five minutes, I had swiped the card and the book was mine!

It is not every day you get a dog writing an epistolary novel, a very novel idea indeed. It is all about Blake, a mix-breed male dog, who has a problem with being dominated. We never know the name of his Owner just because he thinks it is not important.

The very first line is hilarious and the book continues in the same vein. It begins with the year-long power clash with his bachelor owner, who is desperate to get a girlfriend and his long standing tiff with a brutish pitbull terrier, who is a bully.

The book is a first person account of Blake and gives you his daily whereabouts. How he feels about cats, his love affairs, his relationship with the postmen and his doggy wisdom bytes every now and then! Blake declares that although a dog is said to be a man’s best friend, he cannot say the same about men/women being a dog’s best friend!

This hilarious book had me glued. I read it all in one day and the day was full of chuckles and even tummy-hurting, eye-watering laughter. What makes the book a must buy is that you can go back to it again and again. So, get hold of your copy right away.

– Nikita

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