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“ONE IS ALONE” and “TWO MAKES A TEAM”, reinforcing the fact that a group brings strength and efficiency in work, so it is quite wrong to say that cowards walk in groups. It is the “MANAGERS” who walk in groups. Group building and Group leadership are the most sought after skills that employers look for in a managerial candidate.

Creativity is at the root of Management. Creativity doesn’t mean being artistic in nature but to think out of bounds, think laterally, and in ways that one hasn’t thought before. Good managers solve problems through insights and creative means. Management and creativity both are complimentary to each other. If you have the power to manage then you will have the power to innovate and create new things.

One can derive examples for this phenomenon from mythology and ancient history. I believe that Lord Krishna is and example of the finest manager. He has given the lesson of management through Mahabharata. Similarly Chanakya too is revered for his management strategies which shaped the Gupta Empire.

Is management only taught in MBA schools? No management abounds every where. In day to day life everyone is managing at their respective levels…. the poor person is managing Roti or Kapda or Makan (Yes the poor can’t have the luxury of all three together!). The rich want to be richer, and they manage time, relationships to get more money. The middle-class spend their whole life with poor man’s resources and dream of the luxuries of the rich.

Women are the finest managers – with their multi – dimensional personality, they’re home managers and bread winners with the responsibility of their children thrown in. Children are busy in managing the video-games and cartoons.

Students are really “Becharas” managing the weight of their parents’ expectations. their studies, a potential career and livelihood, and not to mention their girlfriends/boyfriends….really they’re Gurus of time management.

– Ravi Mittal

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