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The Art of Exams@J J, Mumbai

Studying is the last thing we do during our exams! We have two theory papers but apart from those, we don’t really have to “learn” anything. For our remaining exams, we are given a topic on which we have to create an advert. With subjects like poster, press layout, exhibition display, our exams are never boring. But if you think that cracking the exams is a piece of cake for us, think again coz it is really difficult to actually think of an idea and present it as an ad in just a couple of hours.

We have no clue as to what subject to expect – the product could be anything from Adobe Photoshop to MRF Tyres. Thats not all. The duration of most of the papers is 10 hours!!! So we have one paper for two days, five hours each day. If the paper gets spoilt due to water accidently getting spilt on it (we have to use paints, etc.) then we might just flunk the exam!! And there’s no K.T. business out here – you flunk in one, you flunk in all.

Now for the good part – apart from theory papers, we are allowed to listen to our walkman/discman during the exam as long as it doesn’t disturb anyone. Also, since it is very difficult to sit at one place for hours, we can move around a little (provided we have the time to move around in the first place). We get a nice hour long break during which all the students can be seen on the college
verandah, some even takin a nap!!

– JBC Pooja Pednekar, Sir J J Institute of Applied Art

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