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The Amazing Spiderman

New actor in old costume + hot blonde girlfriend + better special effects= brand new edition of Spiderman. Nothing you haven’t seen before but, you will certainly enjoy watching it again. In 3 D.

The movie has two distinct parts. The first half is full of emotional atyaachar – how Peter Parker is orphaned and bullied in school. Then, of course he is bitten by a radioactive spider and everything changes.

The sequences where Spidey first discovers his powers are beautifully shot. It’s like he’s testing and then exulting in what he is capable of. Not just swaggering around like a superhero.

However, upto this point you’re wondering ‘where is the 3D’??

Part two is when the villain appears – a mutant lizard-man who’s not trying to conquer the world to make it a worse place, but a better one. Except the mutant part takes over and things go horribly wrong.

Now, begings the spidey-swingfest. Building to building , up, down, sideways. Inside subway sewers and even in the school hallway. It’s non-stop Mutant vs Super-spidey action, all in your face, thanks to 3 D.

Of course, Spidey saves the day but not before some tender moments with Girlfriend, tense moments with Girlfriend’s dad and sweet moments with Aunt May.

A sequel will definitely follow.

– Sabrina D’Souza

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