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After LSR’s Tarang we were looking forward to Miranda House’s annual cultural fest Tempest ‘08.Frankly, however, Tempest was pretty disappointing. Vani gives us the low down.

1) Innovative Events & Themes – Rating 1

The poorly organised festival left me with pretty much no idea about what was happening where and when. I couldn’t spot any posters or signs which could inform me about the various events taking place. I’m guessing however that there must have been a western music competition, an ad making one, one western dance competition, creative writing and so on.

The only interesting thing was the Tempest bazaar. There was a lot to do there. One could buy hand made candles or bags made by people at a Delhi NGO Lakshya. You could even try some pottery or get some bangles made for yourself in front of your eyes. A nearby jeweler was selling silver jewelry and offering free piercing. A tattoo artist was also present to make awesome permanent tattoos.

2) Participants – Rating 1

Many colleges from and around Delhi were there to participate in various events. Since most of the participating colleges were good it might have been a very tough competition.

3) Glamour Quotient – Rating 2

There were no big names at the festival, though a few rock bands like Oktober and artists like DJ Killa performed.

4) Eye Candy – Rating 3

I really didn’t see many people around but the crowd I saw was reasonably with-it. They were mostly Miranda girls roaming around except a few guys here and there. The auditorium was buzzing with people but the events weren’t all that happening for me to stick around.

5) Eating Corners – Rating 3

The eating joints were good offering a wide variety of food stuffs for you to try out. Chole bhature, kathi rolls, pav bhaji, sandwiches, etc were a part of the cuisine along with muffins and brownies.

6) Overall Management – Rating 2

The security was reasonable while the events were poorly organised and mismanaged. Miranda House didn’t live up to expectations. The fest was boring and badly coordinated.

Overall rating 2

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