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Hemant Sahi our man in Singapore, updates you on the latest tech buzz!

Official unlocked iPhone from Apple
iPhone lovers rejoice! Apple has finally come to its senses (or forced by law, same thing) and decided to sell the phone without any contract! That’s right, now you can get yourself an official no-warranty-breaking-no-law-breaking unlocked iPhone directly from Apple! All you have to do is quickly head to Germany, take out a second mortgage on your house, write a wonderful check for 1000 euros (Rs. 60,000 approx.) and voila!

Maybe on your way back with your new best friend (your mom moves to second place), you can give your many thanks to the German law system for obligating T-mobile (iPhone’s sole service provider) to offer unlocked iPhones. Gute Fahrt!

YouTube’s HD formula
For a lot of us, YouTube has become like a second TV in our homes. There is always something or the other to watch (2.5 billions videos as of June last year) and no commercials to interrupt the enjoyment. One thing that does disappoint, though, is the quality of the videos. Admit it, those pixilated camera phone clips aren’t really a pleasure to view. And even when one uploads a decent quality video, it is compressed (more like mutilated) and then put up. So it’s a big problem for a lot of people who use these videos in school/college projects or even those sharing it with a client.

Well, frown no more as YouTube is going HD! It seems that some wise-guy smashed a beer bottle on the creators’ heads and made them aware of a solution that has been in existence for a really long time. If you’re used to watching a lot of media on the web then you might have noticed that QuickTime and Windows Media videos come with the option to choose the quality of the video according to your bandwidth. And that’s exactly what YouTube will be like in three months.

So if you’re blessed with a good broadband connection, you will have the option of watching a much higher quality version of a video than your not-so-blessed aka lousy bandwidth friends. And some day, as speculated, we’ll be able to stream High Definition content off YouTube. It’s all a matter of time, I say.

Sony (Ericsson + PSP): Rumor or reality?
Sony Ericsson has definitely created a name for itself over the years; specializing in both, camera and music phones without compromising on style. So what’s left to do? Well, capture the gaming market of course.

After witnessing Nokia’s N-Gage fail and crumple to its knees, Sony Ericsson dares to revive the concept of mobile gaming. Or should I say gaming mobile. What seems to be rumored is a Sony PSP that makes calls. Hmmm… Jewelry that makes calls (diamond encrusted 1 million dollar phone from Goldvish), cameras that make calls (Samsung’s 10 Mega-Pixel SCH-B600) an iPod that makes calls (you all know this one); for some reason making a call seems to be the coolest feature to be integrated into devices these days.

Anyhow, rumor or not, the PSP is one of the best portable gaming devices, and there’s no question about that. It comes with Wi-fi built in and already supports add-ons like a GPS device and a camera. The keypad might need a little tweaking (I say touch-screen!) but that shouldn’t be an issue at all. Now, all that is left to do is to add a slot for putting your sim card and there you have it; a gorgeous multimedia and gaming phone.

Doesn’t seem like a dream anymore does it?

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