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Teacher – A control freak

A teacher plays a very powerful role in fhe lives of students. The first career chosen by every young child is ” I want to be a teacher”,which shows the place a teacher holds in a child’s life.

Teachers these days have a need for control. The salary of a teacher is not one to afford luxuries but to cover some needs and not cover other wants. They might have personal issues, financial problems or may be they are just short tempered but it all boils down to control.

Respect has to be earned, not forced or beaten out of someone. Too many incidents have been coming to light, the most recent one when three students jumped into a river and died.They ┬áwere so scared of getting punished,┬áTeachers get so angry and out of control for trivial matters that they do unthinkable things, like verbal abuse, humiliation, physical abuse and even threatening. The noble path of teaching is tainted with taking bribes, favouritism, hurting kids and eyeing the child’s innocence with dirty carnal eyes.

The growing incidents have led to the society thinking if they are leaving their children with teachers or tyrants. So may┬áabusive tendencies are ignored by the authorities and waived off as “imparting and teaching discipline”. In my school had a teacher who would hit kids on a regular basis. Many complaints were made but in vain. Once, she got the name of the student who’s mother complained and she slapped the girl 6 times as a punishment for complaining against her.

On the other hand, another teacher of mine had never even touched a student nor humiliated anyone and the respect she commanded was that of a caring, knowledgeable and practical teacher, one the students could connect to.

Even untouched, damage is inflicted by words. On one hand words of care, encouragement and motivation can help a child bloom and rise up to his or her potential. On the other hand, words poisoned with anger, humiliation and ridicule can shatter a child’s confidence, causing untold damage.

With rising stress on children for competition, peer pressure and career failures all a child needs is their teachers to believe in them. Complaints should not be taken lightly, school rules must be strict and absolute for teachers just as they are for students. Laws must be helpful and strict towards punishment and compensation. Teachers should be sent for teaching seminars and stress management, should any red flags be noticed.

If the school is a second home, teachers are parents. A teacher who understands this and walks this path will be rewarded, cherished and successful.

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