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Talaash ’14 Fest goes grand, opens up at Asilo

Setting into motion Talaash this year was the first event of the season, the Contingent Leaders Meet on the 6th of November.

Held at the impressive, Mediterranean themed Asilo at Palladium Hotel, they have set the bar high. Welcoming the representatives of participating colleges were all the members of the core committee along with the supportive heads of various departments that together made the event possible. Launching the event with a brief on what the days ahead hold for all the participants, there was a pleasantly surprising twist as the leaders were made to write a letter addressed to themselves stating all they hope to gain from Talaash 2014.

The theme of allotting a city to each college was revamped this year as the theme ÔÇ£Dream. Deal. Develop.ÔÇØ was unveiled to the crowd. Every CL and ACL would be the mayor and deputy mayor of their respective town and must aim at dominating the rest by targeting growth in a number of sectors. The sectors range from Medicare to Economic, ensuring that the festival will be as challenging as ever this year. As the afternoon advanced and lunch was served, the CLs were made to gather again to begin the bidding sessions. As each college battled and bid for the best fashion show and dance-drama themes, one representative respectively was given an opportunity to raise some more points for their own college with an anonymous quiz round.



Finally after thanking everyone who helped to make this event a successful one, The Talaash Team decided to save the best for the last. Bringing in the final and the most beautiful element of a festival, the Talaash Cup was unveiled by its President Darsh Jain to all the other colleges. Everyone in the audience was wonder struck seeing this which is a Rotating Talaash Cup and were pumped up to get Competitive, aggressive but all the more excited, the colleges were left with a promise of an event that would change their perception this year. Judging by the way the first event was held along with the chatter they managed to stir up, Talaash 2014 is bound to be a surprising and exhilarating fest!

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