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Why India needs feminism

Lately feminism has turned into a negative word and it has weirdly enough┬ábecome somewhat synonymous with hating men, but that’s not what feminism is. Feminism in it’s entirety means “equal rights for women and men, equal status, rights and opportunities for both the genders.” And feminism doesn’t just affect women, it affects men too. Not just India, but the world ...

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Trendy eyeglasses for women

Wearing eyeglasses is no longer considered geeky or nerdy. Eyeglasses are a fashion statement that compliments a stylish ensemble. The latest trend catching up on the fashion circuit is models sporting trendy eyeglasses along with the designer creations that sass up any look and take it up a notch. Eyeglasses don’t have to be simple and boring. You can amp ...

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Top 5 things men would like to say to women.

Men who are often misunderstood. They would like their women to know 5 things about them. 1. Yes we are men! And we would like to fix anything and everything that’s broken around the house!  If we don’t find anything broken we will break them and then try to fix them n then cry for expert help. 2. Yes we ...

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Got a Barbie in your collection?

barbie collector

Barbie approaches her 55th birthday. Created by Mattel in 1959 and inspired by a fashion doll named Bild Lilli from Germany, these dolls were first introduced at the New York Toy-fair and were an instant success. Mow more demure than ever, ‘Barbie in India’ has several avatars like the one wearing a wedding outfit, one dressed in gharchola saree representing ...

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16% Candidates in Delhi have declared Criminal cases

ADR Association for Democratic Reforms is India’s independent elections watchdog. They fought long hard battles for one cause – to clean up politics, to keep criminals out. By exposing them through a simple process of law. Every candidate whether a criminal or clean, files a sworn affidavit before the election commission, in which he/she has to declare his/her criminal record, their wealth, education and things which ...

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Going my way lady?

Girls travelling into the unknown and all on their own ! Travelling is no longer a boys’ groupie thing to do.Girls are finding their way into the wild and unknown. Without boys. According travel enthusiast Shweta Ram, 25, who travels twice every year with friends, “Though even today travelling in India alone is not considered safe for girls, a few ...

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Do you have the Face for a Diamond

It is no hidden secret that women love jewellery. Jewellery has always been an integral portion of every woman’s dressing sense. When it comes to jewellery, picking the right piece can be a tricky business, especially because they have to compliment your face structure and skin tone. You are investing a lot of money on the jewellery and so it ...

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POV : Is it OK for a woman to say ‘No’, when she doesn’t want to say ‘Yes’

inkaar chitrangada singh, arjun rampal

Inkaar: This movie raises questions….actually starts a debate. Is it OK for a woman to say No, when she doesn’t want to say Yes. Is sex the currency in the corporate world? Do women work under a glass ceiling that cannot be broken? Is it for men to propose and women to accept. Or to refuse? When does sex stop ...

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‘True Love’ is like a UFO sighting!

                Love is in the air . It’s that time of the year when you have lots of time to dream, fantasize. Images that represent Love, like red roses, hearts, teddy bears, couple kissing, holding hands, getting abortions, etc. In short exams are over.                 They say that ‘love is in the air’. But every time I inhale, all I ...

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A Deeper understanding of life

Timmy is a really funny guy. You look at him and you feel like laughing. He opens his mouth and you laugh some more. Finally, when he says something, you hold your sides and act out the term ROTFL. He likes playing the guitar and growing goatees. Amidst all the funnies, let’s halt. And look inside. Unlike popular belief, life ...

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