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I know what you did last summer, spring & autumn, thanks to facebook!!

“I chipped my nail today”—-Status updated 1 min passed—Let me check if some has commented. Page Refreshed…Oh yes, a notification. Crap, it is just another candy crush invitation. 2 min passed—Time to check again. Maybe people aren’t online. Note to myself—Don’t post in the afternoon. 3 min passed—Yessss…a notification. DesperatelySweet commented on your post. Comment: Awwww…how did you chip it? ...

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Misguided feminism

I know after this post I will be hated by many females but I felt it’s time for someone to raise her voice against this rising irrational misguided ‘feminist” behaviour! Yes you heard it right, all this misguided feminism is affecting females way more than guys. Tell me one thing, oh c’mon, do we all go on shouting, “! wanna ...

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DISC-GO! Do’s and Dont’s for the First Timer at a Disc

Enter the disc like you are visiting there for the hundredth time. If it’s your first time, just stay confident enough and try not to show anything on your face because face is what people see in a disc all the time, we call it TAADNA. (The sophisticated term used by the BAAP-KA-MAAL-UDAO people is SOCIALISING) Scan each and everything ...

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“Is she dating someone?”

All through my school life I had comparatively more guy friends, and used to proudly declare myself to be somewhat free from “The Girly virus”. That strong and helpless addiction to dresses, nailpaint,jewellery and make up. The excitement when anything cute, sparkly, or frilly crosses her path. The condition is in an advanced stage when you find her wearing something ...

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