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5 ways to make the summer more pleasant

The monsoon clouds are playing peek a boo in Mumbai and Goa. But for the rest of the country there’s an agonizing summer heat from which there will be no respite till July. So here are 5 ways of making it more pleasant. If you focus on why it’s still not raining, it might sap the joy out of small ...

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Himalayan Mountain Terrain Biking, Shimla, 2014.

Spring has its own charm in the Himalayan hills. The valleys are lush and full of life, the skies are clear and blue, the trails raw and the temperatures cool. In other words, the perfect setting for hosting a mountain bike race. On April 12, 65 riders started some ferocious cycling over a distance of approx 120 kms over two ...

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Switzerland? France? No it’s incredible Shimla

Oh beautiful Himalayas! Snow covered Shimla, at an altitude of 6000 feet, beats any hill station, anywhere! You can be there any time of the year but the clean white snow makes it the best time to visit in December. They say that the winter snows don’t come early anymore, but somewhat late in December.  Shimla  was  blessed with snow in Feb (around ...

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