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Are you a Virgin?

Why was no boy asked this question ever? Funny Haa! Always a girl’s character is questioned, whether its for a wedding or a high post. It’s interesting to know that each time I say its the best doctor or a company owner, its always a male figure that pops into your mind and its natural. Not just you or me, ...

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Why Emma Sulkowicz’s Project was to carry a mattress around Columbia Univ.

On the first day of her second year at Columbia in August of 2012, Emma Sulkowicz filed charges against her friend, a fellow student named Paul Nungesser for violently raping her. For many months she decided to not file any complaints, until she heard about the other victims that Nungesser had allegedly assaulted. She decided to step forward, bringing charges ...

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Letter to Arvind Kejriwal from a Delhi woman

Hello Sir. Congratulations on the win. It’s been a historic one. And you have awed all of us, yet again. Yes, you have been a whirlwind of a kind. Charming┬áeveryone across religions, castes and classes, you are now on your way to becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi, already working on the┬áfulfilling the promises you have made in your election ...

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Two years, No change.


Rape is the word all women are far too familiar with. .We ask ourselves thousands of questions; check the mirror millions of times. It is the dread that subsists at the back of our minds when we leave our homes every day. This apprehension that has intensified, due to the incident that occurred on this very day two years ago. ...

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It’s all your fault

“She wore provocative clothes.” “She was out late at night.” “She uses mobile phones.” “She ate Chinese food.” Yes, we’ve all heard the ridiculous reasons rapists came up in their defence. And surprisingly enough, it’s not just the rapists who possess this mentality, it’s most of India and what’s even more surprising is, that big number includes women as well. ...

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What Article 377 means and why are we angry about rights

In the world’s largest democracy and second most populated country, where we talk about advancement of the generation, uplifting marginalised of the society, of equality, and freedom of expression and where we also have discrimination against the sexual minorities. On 11th December, 2013, Supreme Court reversed the ruling of Delhi high court making homosexuality a criminal act. Gay sex is ...

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“Veeru Commits Suicide Using Jai’s Belt”

  Welcome to the age of headlines! Media generates captions so dramatic, that people instantly turn and say “What the…” Of course since it’s the news it doesn’t matter if the newsline makes sense or not, because if you are watching the news it is only because you are over 60 and don’t enjoy reality shows, or you are impatiently ...

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Breaking News : Porn OK Please

Champak Chauhan (name changed for confidentiality) is a promising lad from the middle strata of the Indian Society. Every day he wakes up at 6 o’clock and after his morning chores, wears a dhoti, smears an orange teeka on his forehead and performs a detailed aarti of the God he believes in, with all his soul – Hanumanji. He believes ...

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