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Ensemble casts that clicked in Bollywood Movies

The trend for making Bollywood movies with an ensemble cast is a tried and tested formula since ages. But sometimes the idea produces a gem while at times a complete dud.┬á A good story that gives equal justice to each and every character in the movie is what holds it together. HereÔÇÖs a look at some of the ensemble casting ...

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Yeh friendship kya hai?

What is friendship? It is trying to cover up the track for your footloose friend, ÔÇ£oh yes, aunty! He spent the weekend at my home, preparing for the test!ÔÇØ It is fighting over that last piece of pizza and knowing that itÔÇÖs a battle to death. This is Sparta! It is calling each other insulting names but donning body armor ...

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Game Changing Coming-Of-Age Bollywood Movies

It has been a long standing tradition of Hindi movies, to show the protagonists making a clean straight jump from childhood  to tall, lanky adults thereby totally overlooking that crucial stage between childhood and adulthood. The explosive years of walking on the thin line between being no longer a child and not quite an adult  is not a theme many ...

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“Change” at SRCC Youth Conference 2013

Shri Ram College Of Commerce held the second edition of Youth Conference on 17th August, 2013, carrying the theme of ‘CHANGE’. The day long event saw a host of dignitaries share there life changing stories with the gathering. The auditorium was filled to the brim with students from all over Delhi, who were eager to mingle and share their ideas ...

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