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From Oscars to dump yards- The tale of Salim Baba

The city of Kolkata amuses one and all with its obsession with heritage and its infatuation with┬álegacy. But time and again a turbulence of hypocrisy has been running beneath the facade of┬áfelicitation. Cinema and all its patrons call Kolkata the mecca and its men the messiahs. From satyajit┬áRay to Rituporno Gosh, KolkataÔÇÖs scribble has fascinated the celluloid since its inception ...

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Self harm or self injury.

Self-harming is something which is increasing among youth every day. People do harm themselves, maybe due to the reason of depression but by many ways like cutting, a common thing among the youth, banging head on wall, pulling finger’s nails, burning skin with cigarettes, having highly injurious drugs like marijuana, hampering the healing of any wound, scratching skin etc., and ...

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Jam Top 5: Five cool fundas to live life!

1. Money cannot buy happiness but it is much better to cry in a BMW than on a cycle 2. Alcohol cannot solve the problems of life, but then neither can milk 3. Some people are alive in this world, only because it would be illegal to shoot them 4. If your father is poor it is not your mistake, ...

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