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Movie Review – Dunkirk 

Plot- The movie is based in 1940 on the beaches of the town of Dunkirk in France during World War 2 where Nazi Germany had laid a siege and trapped  to 3 lakh soldiers of British and French regiments with its Navy and Airforce on the beach of Dunkirk France.Countless Battalions of allied soldiers facing an imminent death. Where the ...

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Top 10 Iconic events of 2014

This year saw many such moments which I doubt most of us would have even thought we’d ever witness. Most importantly, these instances made us proud of our country and despite all our diversities we together revelled in the joy these moments brought us. Presenting you 10 iconic events in 2014 which made us proud, for India, by India. Making ...

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I will praise Syed Ahmad Afzal for presenting this film when Lok Sabha elections are around the corner. There are many familiar events and political figures which pop up throughout the film, lightly fictionalised, yet recognizable. Real smart of him right? Only, his film isn’t. The premise sounds interesting. We all have seen and loved S. Shankar’s ‘Nayak’. Running very ...

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Bharat Ratna for scientist Dr. CNR Rao

While the entire nation was engulfed in the hullabaloo of one Bharat Ratna Awardee, another eminent figure was given due recognition for 50 year of perseverance and struggle to thrive and take the nation to the pinnacles of success in the field of science. Meet Prof. Chintamani Nagesa Ramachandra Rao also known as C.N.R. Rao, born in Bangalore in the ...

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Is Being anti-Modi pro-Congress and vice-versa?

With the 2014 Elections coming up, there is a lot of debate around the front-running Prime Ministerial candidates. The two political fronts the UPA and NDA have begun their nasty verbal bouts. Some of the venom spewing on TV and in rallies often looks staged and hence has gotten monotonous even for the drama – seeking public. Most individuals at ...

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India to Give Electricity to Lahore

Is this the latest scam by the UPA? One that got exposed even before it could happen? Kisne paisa khaya? Is the PM out of his mind? We forgot Sarabjit Singh already? The government reportedly sent a delegation to Pakistan to evaluate the idea of exporting India’s electricity to Lahore. The news is that Lahore has huge power cuts and ...

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Modi or Advani? The Face of the BJP

What does the BJP need – Modi or Advani? What about the other candidates? Participate in the poll on JAM’s Facebook Page Please post your comments

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Top 5: “AAM se PM tak”

Prime Minister candidates

Top 5 Prospective Candidates for PM: So who does the aam youth of India see as the PM of their choice and why? Here we take a look on the top five candidates being proposed as PMs of choice by the youth of India and their reasons for it – 1.      Narendra Modi: NaMo is emerging as a hot favourite candidate for ...

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narendra modi as pm

The debate is in favour of Narendra Modi to bag the candidature for the PM’s post. In a survey conducted across 28 cities by a Hindi news channel and Nielsen, Narendra Modi has emerged as the favourite candidate for the post of PM, against Rahul Gandhi and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. Modi got a thumbs up from 42% of the survey ...

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