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8 simple ways to redress hair problems

I call myself a nomad. My professional life of a journalist has made me do so. On one day I am in Bangalore and on the next I am in Kochi and yet on the third day I am in Manipal. I get out in the morning seeing the sun shine brilliantly in one part of the city and I ...

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Top 7 looks in Mumbai for the new year

New years is coming and most of us have plans for going out with out family, friends, or a special one. May the plan centre a dinner, a club or just a walk down by the shore, you want to look beautiful and dressy. Confused? Here’s a guide into how to enter 2015 in style with the top 5 styles ...

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Are you ready to crack that interview?

With the career race getting tougher and more competitive, there really is no room for error. You need to nail that interview, and not just with your qualifications and merits, but also in presentation. You may think that the way you dress doesn’t make much of a difference but you could not be more wrong. But not to worry, follow ...

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The beginner’s make up guide.

Every girl has grown seeing her mother get ready while going out. The careful liner, the full pale pink lipstick and the dust of compact powder- and we’ve atleast once thought ,”I can’t wait to fancy myself like that.” Now that we are grown up and ready, we face the one problem- what to buy and how much is enough? ...

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