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Doctor or engineer? Which has more money and demand?

There are two kinds of doctors in the world: those who see it as a career requiring selfless dedication and those who see it as a job that involves prescribing medication. The first kind is becoming a rare, dwindling species, serving in the few large public hospitals which mostly treat the poor and needy. The stipend that interns earn at ...

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Is your Institute accredited – II

Whether you are planning to pursue a course undergrad studies in management, engineering, or medicine or even a post -graduate MBA, a huge amount of money and valuable time is invested in it. Hence, it becomes crucial to ensure that you are choosing the right college. Applying to an institute of higher education does not end or begin with application form. Before choosing your ...

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India Today Media Institute is inviting applications

ITMI India Today media Institute

The India Today Media Institute, formerly known as TV today Media Institute was started in 2005. The institute offers one – and two – year Post graduate programmes  in print, broadcast and online journalism, audio visual communication, and media business. The admissions are currently open for the 10th batch. The institute does not ask for a degree in mass communication, ...

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Unofficial-prospectus-archives – Asian College of Journalism, Chennai

A.K.A: ACJ Campus: ACJ is located at a god forsaken place called Taramani or ‘Tharamani’ as the Tamils spell it, If you are not from Chennai (like most students) the feeling you get while searching for this place is, ‘My god I am stuck here for one year of my life’. At the end of the year tough, you realise ...

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Do it in French.

Studying and living in France, knowing French is definitely an advantage whether it be bank work, buying things from the supermarket, university stuff, everything is in French…………the French are proud people and seldom speak in English. So I used to often help my Indian friends who did not speak French. France is liberal as any other European country. There is ...

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The challenges and rewards of University life

In my previous article, “Beware of substandard and fraudulent foreign Universities” I spoke about the disastrous start I had to my journey as an international student. So how did I go on from there? I had two options – pack my bags and go home or stay and start afresh. They say that when the going gets tough, the tough ...

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